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On December 11, 2012 by Sustainable Roof Systems Of Florida

Don’t miss your chance to get your roof estimate, at no charge to you. You may qualify for a roof replacement through your insurance. You’re paying month after month for home insurance – so use it!

FREE ROOF REPLACEMENTAre you looking for a way to get your home revitalized and restored at an affordable cost? Time is not on your side, eventually everybody has to replace their roof. Sun, wind, and rain break down roofs and everyday more of your roof is washed away. And replacement is your financial responsibility… Unless there was an event that required your insurance company to replace your roof.

If an insurable event occurred, something covered under the policy, then the insurance company will pay to replace your roof.  Hail and wind are insurable events. Hail will tear off granules protecting your roof. It will bruise and smash through the asphalt matting of your shingles exposing your home to the elements. Even a light hailstorm will prematurely age your roof making you have to replace it out of your pocket. Wind cracks and folds shingles totally eliminating their effectiveness. These are Insurable events! That is what your insurance policy is for.

The exact definition of insurance is: The equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. You pay for insurance to transfer the risk of loss to the insurance company. You pay month after month, year after year for protection. We will help you find out if your roof replacement is covered by your insurance. If it is, then the only thing a new roof will cost you is your deductible.




  • save money with sustainable roofsGET YOUR ROOF REPLACED BY YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY
  • PAY NOTHING for our inspection
  • PAY NOTHING for our detailed Insurance based estimate
  • PAY NOTHING, unless we get you a roof replacement and then PAY ONLY your deductible.

So who are we to make this statement?

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

The principals of Sustainable Roof Systems have been working with customers and helping them with insurance related repairs since 1992 when Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida. We know roofs and we know Insurance companies. Look at what some of our customers are saying…

I am retired and on a very fixed income. I needed to get my roof taken care of and Sustainable Roof Systems repaired my flat roof. A year later my roof was struck by hail and started to leak. Robert knew my situation and helped me so that I could protect my home.
My roof was so old that the shingles were falling apart and the wood was rotten underneath. Instead of performing a roof repair that would have accomplished very little, Sustainable Roof Systems performed a roof replacement and replaced the rotten wood for a great price. I would recommended them to anyone who needed anything on the roof. M Hokenson, Orlando
We had leaks in the kitchen and the den. We had a roofer that siad he had fixed the roof but he just tried to put some tar paper over the roof leaks. These guys got down to the problem and solved it! They even made sure that the roof was water tight where the shingle roof met the flat roof. Way to go! H Wiggins, Mount Dora


Get a Free Roof Inspection

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Aren’t my rates going to go up?

Won’t the insurance company drop me?

Let me ask you a question, why do you have Insurance? It’s not because you like to make payments is it? Maybe you want to feel like you are in good hands. Maybe you think you should keep paying like a good neighbor…


insurance rates have gone up

Year after year whether or not you have filed a claim. They will keep going up because profit is one of the two prime purposes of the insurance company. As far as being dropped by your insurance company the truth is…

No one controls that but the Insurance Company

The only thing that you can control is:  Collecting what you have already paid for.  That’s right, you PAID for what you are about to receive.



ask the expert sustainable roofsHow do you know if your roof is damaged? Someone has to tell you.  That someone has to know how to define insurable damage loss. They have to be able to specify when and how that damage occurred. They have to be able to work with insurance adjusters.  They have to deal with engineers. They have to negotiate with claims managers. There are contractors that can replace roofs but not all have the skill to work with big insurance companies and get your roof replaced. That’s why we are referred time and time again by our customers to their friends and relatives.

My roof did not look like it was in bad shape but all of the sand was coming off the shingles. They used some kind of sealant that was clear but made my roof look brand new. When it is time to get a new roof, I will be calling them. Undisclosed, Windemere

When it came time to deal with my roof. Sustainable Roof systems gave me the choice to repair, replace or restore my roof. No contractor ever gave me multiple options. R Johnson, Orlando

I have a flat roof on my home that was leaking and my house was always hot. Sustainable Roofing Systems restored my old roof and put some kind of heat blocking product on top. Not only did my roof stop leaking, the temperature in my house went down so much that I had to adjust my thermostat! I don’t know how much we will save on our electric bill but my roof is putting money back in my pocket every month. S Fordis, Mount Dora

When you get your roof replaced by us you don’t just get a replacement. Enjoy the following upgrades:

  • Re-nailing of the entire deck to make your roof as strong as the newest construction codes recommend
  • High performance underlayment to keep your roof water tight far beyond the standard
  • The heaviest and strongest shingle on the market which is 130 MPH wind resistant, algae resistance, and includes a limited life time warranty.

What is this going to cost me?

It is simple. If we get you a roof replacement, you owe us your deductible. If we don’t get you a roof, you owe us nothing, no matter how hard or how long we struggle with your insurance company.



$500-1000 Deductible * $9000  *
*Typical Deductible *Based on a 2300 sq. ft. Home.

Which would you choose?

Let us come by and take a look at your roof. We will let you know if you have an insurable loss. If you don’t, we will let you know the condition of your roof and the cost to replace it. If you do, then we will walk you through the process, working for you with your insurance company from the beginning to the end.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose

Call us today!

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WE look forward to getting you a new roof  today!

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